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Shadbindu Tail is an Ayurvedic herbal oil used in Nasya treatment. Few drops of oil are instilled into nostrils, useful to relieve headache, baldness and hair fall.
Shadbindu taila is primarily advised for the treatment of headache, whereas Anu taila is mentioned and explained in the context of healthy daily routine. This hints that Shadbindu taila is used primarily for therapeutic purposes and Anu oil is used for both for health maintenance and therapeutic purposes.

Product Category

ProductBaseNet Price (1 Ltr)
Anu TailAFI-I , A.H.980
Bala TailAFI-I , A.H.880
Bilva TailAFI-III , B.R.850
Bhringraj TailR.T.S.i , Bhes. Rat.750
Chandanbala Lakshadi TailAFI-I , Y.R.1200
Dashamul TailAFI-III , B.R.690
Dhanvantari TailAFI-I 1200
Irimedadi TailBhes.Rat.950
Jatyadi TailAFI-I , S.S.820
Kaisadi TailAFI-I , B.R.850
Ksheerbala TailAFI-I , A.H.9602
Mmahabhringaraj TailAY.S.S.900
Mahachandanadi TailBhes.Rat.960
Mahalakshadi TailAFI-II , A.Y.S.1070
Mahamarichyadi TailYog. Chint.940
Mahamas Tail (Niramish)Bhes.Rat.880
Mahanarayan TailR.T.S.I920
Mahanavishgarbh TailR.T.S.I880
Narayan TailAFI-I , B.R.820
Nimbadi TailR.T.S.I980
Nirgundi TailBhes.Rat.840
Prasarini TailAFI-I , S.S.970
Punarnavadi TailBhes.Rat.790
Sahchradi TailAFI-I , B.R.1200
Somraji TailAFI-II , B.R.850
Saindhvadi TailAFI-I , B.R.890
Shadabindu TailR.T.S.I850
Shri Gopal TailBhes.Rat.2800
Vishnu TailAFI-II , B.R.1800