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Parpati exporter in UP

Parpati is the form which is obtained in flakes, gets disintegrated in the body at the level of Grahani. Hence it is specifically being used in Grahani related disorders and is effective in correcting appetite. parpati exporter in UP, parpati wholesale in india, parpati manufacturer in kansiramnagar, parpati wholesale in kansiramnagar,  parpati manufacturer in india, supplier of parpati

Product Category

ProductBaseNet Price (Kg)
Abrak ParpatiR.T.S.I.4860
 Bol ParpatiAFI-I5360
 Loh ParpatiAFI-I5400
Panchamrit ParpatiAFI-I5200
Pranda ParpatiR.T.S.I.3460
Ras ParpatiAFI-I6800
Shwet ParpaiAFI-II380
Sheetal ParpatiR.T.S.I.460
 Ramra ParpatiAFI-II6880
 Vijay ParpatiR.T.S.I.6600