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Lauh & Mandur Yog

lauh mandur exporter in india

Saptamrit Lauh is basically used for eye and hair diseases. Most commonly prescribed for immature cataract, conjunctivitis, vision impairment, premature whitening of hair. Secondary actions are on blood, stomach, intestine and urinary bladder. BENEFITS: Improves vision.

Mandur Yog (also spelled as Mandoor Bhasma) is an ayurvedic proprietary medication comprising of calcined iron and mainly indicated for the purpose of treating and managing iron deficiency anemia (i.e., microcytic anemia) and the underlying debility associated with it. lauh mandur exporter in india, lauh bhasma supplier in UP, lauh bhasma distributor in kanshiram nagar.lauh & mandur suppliers.

Product Category

ProductBaseNet Price (Kg)
Amla Pittantak LauhR.S.S1520
Chandanadhi LauhAFI-I1460
Dhatri LauhAFI-I820
Mandur VatakAFI-I , A.H.680
Nawayash LauhR.T.S.I940
Pradrantak LauhR.T.S.I1060
Punarnwadi MandurR.T.S.I800
Rakta Pittantak LauhAFI-II980
Saptamrit LauhAFI-I680
Sarvajwarhar LauhAFI-I840
Shankar LauhA.Y.S.S1140
Shilajitwadi LauhAFI-II1600
Shothari MadhurAFI-II900
Shothari LauhB.R.1200
Tapyadi LauhBhes.Rat.1280
Trushnadi LauhAY.S.S1200
Varunadya LauhAY.S.S980
Vidangadi LauhAY.S.S1800
Visham Jwarantak LaugBhes.Rat.940
Yakratplihari LauhAFI-II3400