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Guggul Yog

guggul yog

Guggul is made from the oily sap (gum resin) of the guggul tree, which is native to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. This tree has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.. Guggul is praised for its anti-inflammatory properties. we serve best guggul price in UP. Preliminary research suggests it may help treat certain anti-inflammatory conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis. It has also been used to promote weight loss, treat hypothyroidism, and manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels. guggul manufacturing company in india, triphala guggul supplier in kasganj, manufacturer of guggul yog in india

Product Category

ProductBaseNet Price (Kg)
Abha GuggulAY.S.S.1960
Amratadi GuggulAY.S.S.2680
Gokshuradi GuggulAFI-I , S.S.1980
Kanchar GuggulAFI-I , AY.S.S.2280
Keshor GuggulAFI-I , AY.S.S.2560
Lakshadi GuggulAFI-I , AY.S.S.1960
Mahayograj GuggulR.T.S.I2840
Mahayograj Guggul (With Silver)AY.S.S.9200
Maidohar GuggulR.T.S.II2080
Panchtiktaghrit GuggulAY.S.S.1840
Pathyadi GuggulBhav.Prakash2200
Panchamritloh GuggulAFI-II , B.R.9200
Punaranwadi GuggulAY.S.S.1760
Rasnadi GuggulAY.S.S.7840
Singhnadi GuggulAY.S.S.7980
Saptvinshtiko GuggulR.T.S.I2520
Triyodashang GuggulBhav.Prakash1860
Triphala GuggulAFI-I , AY.S.S.1820
Vyoshadi GuggulAFI-I , A.H.2240
Yograj GuggulS.S.1960