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Kupipakva Rasayan

exporting of Kupipakva rasayan in india

Kupipakva Rasayan as the name suggests are prepared and processed in a Kaachkupi i.e. glass bottle. This type of Rasayan is considered difficult to prepare as the process needs to be meticulously followed to get the expected results. The temperature of the Valukayantra needs to be keenly monitored. we also known as for exporting of Kupipakva rasayan in india, distributor of Kupipakva rasayan, supplier of organic Kupipakva, wholesale of organic Kupipakva.Shr Ganga Ayurved Utpad.

Product Category

ProductBaseNet Price (Kg)
Malla SindurR.T.S.I.18600
Ras Sindur (Six Time Pro)R.T.S.I.19200
Ras Sindur (Double Pro)R.T.S.I.18600
Siddh MakardwajBhes. Rat.32800
Swarna Vang(AFI-I / Y.R.)5800
Swarna Vang (W/o Salt)R.T.S.I.6400
Sameer Pannag RasR.T.S.I.6500
Shila SindurR.T.S.I.18600
Tal SindurR.T.S.I.19400
Vyadhiharan RasayanA.Y.S.S.6600