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Bhasma & Pishtee​

Bhashma & Pishti manufacturers

A Bhasma means an ash obtained through incineration; the starter material undergoes an elaborate process of purification and this process is followed by the reaction phase, which involves incorporation of some other minerals and/or herbal extract. We are of the best Bhasma & Pishtee Manufacturers.

Pishti is the fine powder made by the process of Peshan [trituration]. Pishti is usually a Sheeta Gunatmak Kalpa. Pishti is prepared by doing Peshan of a powder with a liquid which is similar to giving Bhavana that’s why we are the best bhasma & pishti wholesaler in kasganj, Bhasma & Pishti exporters, bhasma & pishti distributor, suppliers of bhasma & pishti  Bhashma & Pishti manufacturers in india,

Product Category

ProductBaseNet Price (Kg)
Abhrak Bhasma (100 Puti)R.T.S.I1640
Abhrak BhasmaR.T.S.I980
Akik BhasmaR.T.S.I680
Akik PishteeR.T.S.I600
Godanti BhasmaR.T.S.I460
Godanti Hartal BhasmaR.T.S.I620
 Hajralyahood BhasmaR.T.S.I1280
Hajralyhood PIshteeR.T.S.I1140
 Jaharmohra (khatai) BhasmaR.T.S.I640
 Jaharmohra (khatai) PishteeR.T.S.I540
Kapard (kapardika) BhasmaAFI-I840
Kaharwa PishteeR.T.S.I3480
Kantloh BhasmaR.T.S.I920
Kasis BhasmaR.T.S.I540
Kasis Godanti BhasmaR.T.S.I620
Kukkutandatwak BhasmaR.T.S.I960
Kukkutandatwak Bhasma (with Hingul)R.T.S.I1860
Loh Bhasma (100 Puti)R.T.S.I1460
Loh Bhasma R.T.S.I920
Madhu Mandur BhasmaR.T.S.I620
Mandur BhasmaR.T.S.I440
Muktashukti BhasmaR.T.S.I480
Muktashukti PishteeR.T.S.I400
Neg BhasmaR.T.S.I1240
Praval Bhasma (Shankh)R.T.S.I7260
Praval Pishtee (Shankh)R.T.S.I5860
Shubhra (Sphatika) BhasmaAFI-II480
Sangajrahat BhasmaR.T.S.I440
Sangeyshav BhasmaR.T.S.I1260
Sangeyshav PishteeR.T.S.I1080
Shank BhasmaR.T.S.I460
Swaranmakshik BhasmaR.T.S.I1100
Tamra Bhasma (Somnathi)R.T.S.I5680
Trivang BhasmaR.T.S.I3200
Tankan BhasmaR.T.S.I840
Vaikrant BhasmaR.T.S.I3480
Vang Bhasma (White)R.T.S.I4860
Yashad BhasmaR.T.S.I1280